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In Character Information

character name: Asha Greyjoy ♗ The Kraken's Daughter
Fandom: A Song Of Ice And Fire ♗ Game Of Thrones
Timeline: End of Book 5: A Dance With Dragons (plus sample chapter of Winds Of Winter)
character's age: ~25

powers, skills, pets and equipment:


Asha is an accomplished sailor and commander. She has her own longship, The Black Wind, and when her father launches his second rebellion he gives her the command of thirty longships, while Theon gets only a handful. The reason for father spoiling her lays in his pride in her, and also satisfaction in her skills. She is also a fighter, skilled with throwing axes which seem to be the weapon of choice on the Iron Isles, and Balon had been known to take pride in her red ledger and ability to kill men before he died. She plays the finger dance pretty often, but has yet to lose a digit to mishandling the blades, however, and wears them on her hips with pride.

She also keeps a dirk between her breasts, always prepared - that's Asha for you. She's not very shy about pulling it out and brandishing it for people to see, either, and often calls it her suckling babe. Meanwhile, her throwing axe is her lord husband and often claims he is the reason she does not need a husband.

While some people disagree with that (namely, men) they do not often argue with her. Not many people argue with her, if only because she takes no shit. If a skill is threatening, we ought to count that right along with commanding the level of respect it would take to command thirty ships full of hard, toughened men. Asha also has skills as a horseback rider, though spends more time at sea than on land, so sailing is more her forte.

Lastly, the Greyjoys are quite proficient in love making.


Asha will be arriving with ;;
→ ❝ (1) throwing axe ❞
→ ❝ (1) dirk ❞
→ ❝ (1) shield ❞
→ ❝ (1) set of salt leathered sailing clothes ❞
→ ❝ (2) pairs of fetters; wrist and ankle ❞
→ ❝ (1) set of chainmail ❞
→ ❝ (1) bloodstained greyjoy kraken blazer ❞
→ ❝ (1) twisted ankle, never properly healed ❞

canon history: A Wiki Of Ice And Manpain: Lady Kraken edition


From the second her older brothers died and younger brother was taken away to be a ward of Winterfell, Balon Greyjoy started compensating, by which I mean began to raise Asha as his heir, a sort of stand-in son for the ones he lost. Essentially, she became an only child, and a fair bit of a tom boy; she wears the pants to Theon's skirts, and is the iron born son to Theon's painted whore. Being raised on the Iron Isles did a fair bit for sculpting her personality, too - there isn't technically less gender roles on the islands, there's just more room for Asha to openly defy them, which she does often. Between calling the kingsmoot a queensmoot and playing the game of thrones against her uncles, some people call her crazy, but many more seem to respect her strength and determination. Of course, this doesn't stop a lot of her peers from calling her woman, or simply attributing her bravado to the fact that she was Balon's daughter - and Balon had balls. What with two rebellions in ten years, plenty of people thought he crazy a well, but then's a Greyjoy trait.

The Greyjoy uncles don't think incredibly high of the way Balon raised Asha, especially because by their definition it's made her insolent. Not a wild child, no, but strong willed and a bit more capable than many women are deemed fit to be. Along with interfering at the kingsmoot and almost successfully moving the entire crowd to sway in her favor, when she learned her uncle Euron married her off, she refuses to return to Pyke and consumate, or even acknowledge save for in her head occasionally ( "wedded and bedded, but not by the same man" ), the union. There's a distinctive "gives no fuck" streak about her, which fuels a lot of her actions as well as drives her snarky commentary.

And, oh the snarky commentary there is. Asha is what modern day people would call a troll, and though not quite on par with Jaime Lannister, she's a good one. Her skills range from lying to Theon while he feels her up on a horse to offering to send Tristifer Botley a whore when he is arguably in love with her, from taunting Qual about his looks and strengths to telling other men at the kingsmoot that their sons died for onions. She's clever; that's a root for it. Asha, like every other crazy Greyjoy out there, is also incredibly full of pride, and while she might not be insane - not on the level of her uncles and father - she is a Greyjoy~

She captains her own longship, The Black Wind, and commands the respect of a predominantly male crew. And they love her; they follow her to Pyke, dock where she tells them, cheer for her at her queensmoot, and when she runs from it, they run with her. They stay in Deepwood Motte with her, even if that means they are technically exiled from their home. They're Iron Men, and her crew and care for her as she does them; it's safe to say that the truest of the true would die for her, and indeed some do. But not many. Ironborn are survivors.

But, oh, let's talk about Ironborn.

Ours is the old way.

The Old Ways, are still highly regarded on the Iron Islands. The Old Way embodies the remembered values of a culture based on raiding. A man's worth was judged primarily on his skill as a raider, as evidenced in the disdain jewelry and ornament bought with coin. Men on the Iron Islands wear no tokens unless they have "paid the iron price," i.e. won by combat and taken from the corpses of they have slain.

During raids, the ironborn also took captives. Many of their captives would work as thralls, slaving away on the farms and mines of the Iron Islands since the true sons of the Iron Islands are meant for more than such drudgery. Women were also taken captive to act as bed warmers; a man could have several "salt wives" but only one true ironborn wife, his "rock wife".

This deserves a wiki-citation because it is a fundamental part of Asha Greyjoy's personality, as it is for all the true ironborn. Basic qualities of the men and women of the Iron Isles dictates they will take things from the dead bodies of their slain agitators ("paying the iron price"), that an ironborn will not spill the blood of another ironmen (which is also why they drown each other or come up with other creative ways to murder one another, i.e.; pushing each other off a bridge) and Asha abides by these laws. Being raised that way, Asha has not grown up spoiled, nor expecting things to be handed to her on any sort of platter. She relies on herself for most things, and is removed enough from her own asshole to...say, appreciate the skills of her enemies in battle. Asha is strong, but in no way the strongest.

She isn't stupid enough to think herself so, either. She's not stupid by any means, really. After the failed queensmoot and being captured by Stannis, she conceeds to never being able to be queen, admits that she's failed and probably lost the respect of a majority of her people because not only did she lose the 'moot, but also Deepwood Motte to Stannis. It's almost humbling to have been defeated, despite the considerable amount of continual vehemence in her head - all of which was directed toward the men she was surrounded by, including Stannis. She did not enjoy her time with the proclaimed king, least of all his...uh, religious practices. And, yes, let's talk about the ironborn religion for a tic.

The Drowned God is a sea deity worshiped solely by the Ironborn in Westeros. The religion of the Drowned God is old, dating back to before the Andal Invasion. The Andal invaders of the Iron Islands converted to the local religion rather than supplant it with the Seven as they did in the south of Westeros. The Drowned God religion supports the ironmen's naval, pirate culture.

Hear that? Pirate nature? But along with the Greyjoy house words (We do not sow.) Asha can be heard to be saying "What is dead may never die, (but rise again harder and stronger) " on occasion. And while she describes the ritual of slitting people's throats and putting their bodies out to sea as offerings as brutal, she still reveres the Drowned God, and despises the Red God for the religious traits of burning people alive. Especially king's blood, like herself. So, yeah, no go on the Red God.

And speaking of religion, let's also take a moment to talk about family. Asha Greyjoy, in comparison to her brother, knows who she is and has a strong sense of self. She is a Greyjoy of House Greyjoy, Balon's daughter and heir; she is the Kraken's Daughter, captain of The Black Wind and the last child of Balon and Alannys, and almost a son. She is the niece of the vicious Crow's Eye, and the fiercely religious Damphair, and the strong, feared Victarion Greyjoy. And she loves them all - on some level. She is loyal to her father, loves him fiercely enough to let him raise her like a boy child and to captain his ships when he is not fit to sail. She loves her mother, dislikes seeing her in such emotional anguish and encouraged Theon to visit her when she was taking ill; she later asks for Theon's life to be spared by Stannis, for their mothers sake.

While she was separated from her youngest brother and the older two died, she cared for them somewhere deep down. She may have left him to die at Winterfell, but she visited! And that little piece of skin from Ramsay haunted her! Plus she feels genuine things for Theon upon reuniting with him in the snows; her pity, shock and disgust had been palpable on her face, but concern was there, too, when she asked what had happened to him. She listened when he told her, too, and almost cried when she spoke - or spoke so softly it seemed that she would. It's that pity that leads her to asking Stannis to kill him; to make it quick and honorable, if he will not spare him. Iron and salted or not, she is not numb to basic human emotions, including loyalty to her family, and all the feelings that come tied in with that. She is, however, very good at hiding it. She's good at hiding a lot of things, including her snark at times when it comes in handy for her to shut up and keep her tongue, but it manifests as intuitive, internal dialoge (case and point, her entire time with Stannis).

Which is just as snarky as everything else.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting? Asha Greyjoy is more than suited for the delightful city of Anatole. Not only is she older than 13, but she's a strong and self sufficient character; she relies more on herself than other people, she fights, she takes command and generally survives her home land pretty well. The ASOIAF canon is full of plenty of "horrors" and some psychological jumps, and from seeing her little brother broken and disparaged to watching men be burned alive in the name of a god, Asha's managed through it all~

I'd also like to go on and say, it's been proven, the entire series is pretty well adaptable to Anatole. They're survivors, the whole lot of them.